ILP Capabilities

Idea Launch Partner Abilities and Offerings*  

Leadership - CEO/COO Skill and Experience Base

  • Long Term Strategic Planning, Tactical Leadership: Business Planning, Implementation
  • Business and Team Leadership: Day-to-Day Business Operations, Corporate Advocacy, Human Resources
  • Vision Leadership: Generation and Promotion of corporate vision internally and externally

Financial - CFO Skills and Expertise

  • Overview, planning, and financial review in  contractual and business negotiations
  • Startup funding & Investor relations: Preparatory, Strategic Financial Planning, and audit
  • Development of sound business processes: Review, creation, and implementation oversight

Business Operations, Development and Sales

  • Strategic and Tactical Sales Planning: Competitive Analysis, Viability and Tolerance, Forecasting
  • Creation and Leadership of High Performance Sales Teams: Hiring, Leading, Training, and Pitch creation
  • Business Practices and Process Management: Implementation of Process and Procedures, tactical 
  • implementation, organizational management

Marketing, Public Relations and Branding

  • CMO Skill and Experience Base: Traditional and Internet Marketing Strategy, National Brand Development, Public Relation Strategy
  • Diverse Range Of Specialized Marketing Disciplines: Sales Management, Product Development, Communications (external and internal), Market Research and Customer Service
  • Marketing Communication Management: Creative and Application Development Team Administration, Workflow Process and Production Integration, Customer Expectations Management

Government Services

  • Business Development and Capture: Teaming, Proposal Management, Proposal Writing, Governmental Liaison   
  • Channelization: Defining the Sales Channels, Recruiting, Training, and Managing Teams for Optimum Performance and Success.
  • Subject Matter Expertise: Technical Writing, RFP and PWS translation, negotiations. 


Regulatory and Legal

  • Entrepreneurial Advocacy and Protection:  Strong embedded advocacy for the entrepreneurial pursuit, from a modern, advanced technology perspective.
  • Contract & Agreement Management: Review and strategy with a keen eye towards indentifying and protecting trade secrets and intellectual property.
  • Access to a Broad Network and Resources: Including subsidiary based counsel, outside counsel referral and management, multiple institutional knowledge bases and legal national research resources.

(*No part of this website, including the foregoing, is intended to be, nor shall it be construed as, the public advertisement or solicitation of any qualified legal, financial or investment services.  The statements, judgments and/or opinions made by ILP here and elsewhere are intended for the exclusive benefit of ILP, its directors, officers, employees, agents and subsidiaries and thus, are not intended for the reliance by, nor for the benefit of, any other person or entity.) 

Seasoned Executives

Idea Launch Partners has more than one hundred combined years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. The ILP principals represent all C-Level skill sets from all major departmental sections. 

Each of these categories is led by at least one principal with over 20 years of experience within that category. Due to the nature and overlap of the ILP team’s experiences, most categories have multiple principals adding up to over 50 years of experience.